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What You Should Be Planting In Preparation For Spring

If you’ve been meaning to get into a bit of gardening, there is no better time to do it then now. The days are slowly getting warmer, providing ideal conditions for many plants. Here are some good options for what you should be planting in preparation for spring.

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Get Ready For Extreme Weather

When it comes to extreme weather events in Queensland, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when‘. Get Ready Queensland is a year-round program helping all Queenslanders prepare for natural disasters. Being prepared before a disaster hits could be the difference between staying safe or putting yourself and those you love in danger.

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The Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

As seasons rotate, so does your home’s maintenance requirements. In other words, the way you clean and keep your house in check during the winter can be very different from what you need to do for it in the summer. Unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners realise this and end up overlooking some important seasonal…

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Asbestos Finder

Test your knowledge of where asbestos might be in and around your home. Can you locate where asbestos containing materials could be in and around a typical Queensland house? Click on an area of the house to identify the types of asbestos containing products which could be present. 

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How to recognise and manage termites

How to recognise termites, reduce your risk of infestation and source a good pest controller. Termites are a destructive pest, so it’s important to have regular and thorough inspections of your home to detect the early signs of termite activity and infestation. But finding a reliable and experienced pest manager can be hard to come…

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5 Property Market Myths Busted

Australia’s median property value fell 0.6 per cent in July and is tipped to fall anywhere between a few more percentage points and a whopping 32 per cent.  But according to Aussie Home Loans chief customer officer David Smith, that doesn’t mean prospective buyers should hold off on their purchasing decisions. 

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Reserve Bank Warns House Prices Could Fall 40% as COVID-19 Smashes the Economy and Causes a Surge in Unemployment

The Reserve Bank of Australia is warning a 40 per cent fall in house prices is ‘plausible’ as coronavirus pushes up unemployment to 1990s levels. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, Australia already had the world’s highest household debt levels after Switzerland. A surge in unemployment to double-digit levels unseen since 1994, as a result of from coronavirus…

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‘Meanwhile use’: How Governments and Landlords Can Manage Properties Left Vacant by the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily shut down cities across the globe, resulting in abandoned buildings and deserted streets. How might we better use our own vacant buildings during the crisis and beyond? We can learn from the benefits and challenges of the UK’s “meanwhile” building use sector.a

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When houses earn more than jobs: how we lost control of Australian house prices and how to get it back

Real home prices across Australia have climbed 150% since 2000, while real wages have climbed by less than a third. Sydney and Melbourne rank among the most expensive cities in the world. Australia-wide, home ownership levels have fallen from 70% to 65% in the last 20 years and home equity levels have fallen from 80% to 75%. Younger workers…

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