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Should I sell or rent out my property? 5 must-read tips

Buying your first home may be a huge milestone, but chances are you’ll eventually wave goodbye to that two-bedroom apartment or townhouse and move elsewhere. That could be due to a number of reasons, whether it’s needing more space to raise your…

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5 Property Market Myths Busted

Australia’s median property value fell 0.6 per cent in July and is tipped to fall anywhere between a few more percentage points and a whopping 32 per cent.  But according to Aussie Home Loans chief customer officer David Smith, that doesn’t mean prospective…

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Top signs you may need a termite inspection

Protecting your home from termites before they can become destructive, requires a pro-active approach. Termites that have been nesting in your home for years can cause thousands of dollars in damage. But unfortunately, this type of damage is not be…

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Why do I need a pre-purchase building inspection?

You don’t want to get caught with a house of horrors and find out later that the house is full of termites or has electrical or structural issues. Our licensed building inspector at Auspect Building & Pest Consultants will make…

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Four Tips to Get Your Property Offer Accepted

Buying property can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-timers. This is because on top of the fact you’re taking on one of the biggest financial commitments of your life, there’s the actual mechanics of buying the property. Most of the time, when…

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5 Tips for Saving Your Investments From Terminates

If you’re worried one of your investments might be susceptible to termite damage here are five tips from a pest control expert to help termite-proof your property. Keep surroundings clea – Make a property less of a termite magnet by maintaining…

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Look for These 6 Dangers to Dogs in Your New Home and Yard

Diana Bunch had just moved to a new house in Florida. All three of her dogs were having a blast exploring their new digs. Little did Diana know that danger was lurking in the beautifully landscaped yard. One of her…

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