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Only Use A Qualified Licenced Building & Pest Inspector


Home buyers are being offered cut-priced building inspection and pest inspection reports by vendors, agents & middlemen companies. Make sure they have adequate insurance cover or provide a warranty otherwise; you could be left out of pocket.

The risks involved in using these reports to base your decision to purchase the property include:

  • If the report is in the name of a vendor, then there is no insurance warranty available if a claim arises from a termite or building issue in the future.
  • The agents that sign up to use these middle men companies actually get given the choice of who they want to use to carry out the inspection… conflict of interest.
  • The buyers haven’t had the chance to meet the inspector on site and follow him through the property (most buyers want the opportunity to do this) and we strongly recommend this.

When considering buying a home, particularly if you’re a first home buyer, you don’t have the experience to know what warning signs to look for before buying and an inexperienced inspector could miss the warning signs for these problems, reporting to you that there is nothing wrong with the home but in actual fact may have these issues:

  • structural damage
  • termite infestations
  • water damage
  • other defects

It can end up costing thousands in repairs. This is a cost that falls on the buyer if their inspector is not licensed.

To be able to do the job, building and pest inspectors need to have an experienced understanding of all building trades. It’s from a position of experience and training that an inspector knows the warning signs to look for when it comes to potentially costly defects in a home or signs of pest infestations and likely termite activity.


In the event that something is missed, a fully licensed building and pest inspector is covered by professional indemnity insurance, protecting both the buyer and the inspector, giving you peace of mind.

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Serving Clients Throughout South East Queensland

You can rely on Auspect Building & Pest Consultants to carry out a througher inspection of the house or property you are considering purchasing and deliver a detailed report of its condition. Our licensed, fully insured inspectors will identify specific areas of the building that may need maintenance or repairs so you can make a well-informed decision and negotiate a lower sales price.

Afterall you don’t want to end up buying a house with potential structural damage or later find out it’s infested with termites.

Serving clients throughout South East Queensland, Auspect has earned a reputation for our high standards, our expert advice and our competitive pricing.

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Detecting termites can be a difficult process but by using Thermal Imaging cameras, an Auspect inspector can quickly identify swarms of termites. Termites behind a wall will give off heat and the camera will show hot spots where they are located. The infestation can then be eradicated.

At Auspect, we use Thermal Imaging Cameras during all timber pest inspections. We can tell you what’s happening behind your walls without the need of knocking down walls or drilling into floors. It’s a non-evasive technology that reveals if the house you’re thinking of buying, is structurally sound and free of damaging termites. It really is highly recommended.

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Termite & Pest Inspections
Pool Safety Inspections
Methamphetamine Inspections
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Additional Services

Did you know Auspect also provide our client with 2 additional key services? If you need repairs or building maintenance, our experienced, licensed tradies can handle any job big or small. And we can also carry out a highly effective Pest Control Treatment. We’ll send those nasties packing.

Building Maintenance
Pest Control Treatment

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Offering a licensed first-class inspection service, exceptional customer support and competitive pricing, it’s easy to see why so many Queenslanders are choosing Auspect.


Auspect Building and Pest Inspections

340 reviews on
Mel Phillips
Mel Phillips
Craig inspected our home prior to putting it on the market. He did a pool compliance check, pest and building inspection reports on the same day. Because he was so thorough the inspections took some time. He had me accompany him while he worked, explaining every detail and question that I asked. His knowledge is obviously based on great experience and familiarity with all kinds of construction. I highly recommend Auspect for anyone who wants detailed, accurate building and pest inspection reports.
Amy Savage
Amy Savage
Craig was extremely thorough and I feel a lot more confident with the purchase of the home now. I would highly recommend. Thanks again Craig
Professional, Enthusiastic & Knowledgeable. Craig from Auspect Building and Pest Consultants provided a very comprehensive pre-purchase inspection including Methamphetamine Screening Test. Craig has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and will explain and review his inspection of the property with you. Amazing service and would definitely recommend.
Karen Williams
Karen Williams
A detailed, informative and high quality pest and building inspection was provided by Craig. It was fabulous being on site with him and hearing and seeing the whole process, issues and possible solutions. I would highly recommend this service.
RIcky Agent
RIcky Agent
I was so impressed by Craig , Professional and extremely knowledgeable which made it so much better . He was well prepared knowing the build of the house and i will highly recommend him to everyone . house is a huge purchase and with craig’s experience and professionalism made life a breeze . Great value and a top bloke with a wealth of knowledge. Thanks Craig you are a legend mate 👍
Mark & Rosemary Cummins
Mark & Rosemary Cummins
Graig was most efficient in all aspects of the building and pest inspections . He explained what he was doing and the outcome of each area he inspected both inside and outside..I will used his services again and have no hesitation recommending him to others HAPPY HOUSE BUYERS MARK AND ROSEMARY CUMMINS