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Drain Inspections

Pre-Auction Drain Inspection

Don’t over-look one of the most important and often most expensive things to repair…your drains! Drain inspections are NOT part of the pest and building inspection process nor are they inspected at handover stage of a new home.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a drainage inspection backed up with a comprehensive drain inspection report that meet the AS 3500.

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We Use The Latest Technology

We use the latest technology to inspect all internal and external house drainage lines. The entire inspection process is recorded on to DVD/USB so you can view any cracked pipes or problem areas before any decision is made. We also have an additional option to purchase a copy of the recording and have the it mapped on the surface if you are planning any changes to your property such as renovations, additions, a pool or new driveway.

Price Negotiation Option

For home buyers, a drain inspection provides the assurance that all downpipes is working as it should. If problems are found, you have the opportunity for price negotiation, to have the problem repaired or to simply walk away from the purchase.


Why Carry Out A Drain Inspection?

  • Drainage pipes are often installed incorrectly from day one.

  • Houses with drainage problems can be 6 months to 60 years of age.

  • Concrete formwork stakes are often driven into drains when forming up during construction of house slab and foot paths.

  • Apartments and units can also suffer the same fate with old pipes in concrete slabs rusting, corroding and squashing over time

  • 80% of house drains have some sort of defect, some of these causes are broken pipes due to ground movement, and large tree roots breaking pipes.

  • The average cost of repairs can be thousands of dollars.

Are you prepared to risk it? And don’t think just because you are buying a new fairly home you are safe – if they did not do a Handover Drain Inspection when the property was completed the damage may already be done during construction – see Section Below.


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  • Removing the inspection openings in the sewer line to enable us to insert a camera and follow this down to the Council sewer main, out of the property and right down into the street so we can check the whole line.

  • Broken pipes caused by large tree roots.

  • Badly installed drainage causing “bellying” of the pipes; this results in water holding in the drains rather than flowing free and which then causes blockages.

  • Badly installed drainage resulting in back flowing of the sewers towards the building, rather than out to the Council sewer main, again causing blockages.

  • Cracked drainage pipes leaking water which can affect the foundations and cause cracking in your building; it also creates damp which is an attraction for termites.

Provisions For Reports

Provision of a written report on the internal and external drainage and any issues identified. Plus where those issues are located will be marked on site.

Being in a position of knowledge, it will either be all clear which will set your mind at rest before auction day, or you will know what the “invisible” issues are underground, what they will cost to repair and either factor this into your negotiations on price, request the vendor to fix, or walk away from the deal. Either way, there will be no nasty, expensive surprises after you have purchased your property.


Want More? “Have it all” Pack

All of the above PLUS

  • We can provide you with a copy of the camera recording of all the internal and external drainage inspection for you to keep.

  • Map out the sewer line for your property on the ground with white paint. This is useful if you are proposing putting in a driveway, a pool, an extension etc.


Hand Over Drain Inspection

The handover inspection (sometimes known as the Practical Completion) is the final stage in the construction of a new home. However, it does not include inspections of your drainage system, hence the Handover Drain Inspection.

This is particularly important as you cannot see if the pipes have been installed correctly, are all there, or if they have been damaged during construction. This inspection “makes the invisible visible”.

Questions you may want to know the answers to include:

Questions you may want to know the ansers to include:

  • Is everything all laid and connected correctly?

  • Did the fencing contractor drilling with an auger drill down into your pipes and sewers unknowingly?

  • Did the contractor doing the formwork for driveways or footpaths drive a stake through your pipes and sewers?

  • Were any of your pipes crushed by heavy equipment during the construction stage?

  • Was there any damage caused through backfilling of sewer lines by heavy machinery, including damage by large rocks or other sharp buildings materials on the site?


Drain Inspection Is Essential

This handover drain inspection is a thorough and detailed examination of the internal and external drainage system of the new home. Any defects identified, damaged caused during construction and omissions found are itemised in a comprehensive written report that you can hand to the builder to remedy.

It is essential that all new home owners have this type of inspection completed to ensure all the downpipe work carried out has been completed, is to the standard required and most importantly has not been damaged during construction.

AS 3500 Standard

This should be carried out BEFORE the final payment to the builder and will ensure the sewerage is undamaged and to industry standards.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a drain inspection backed up with a comprehensive report that meet the AS 3500.

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