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New rules in Queensland regarding minimum housing standards will be implemented for new tenancies on September 1, 2023, and for all tenancies on September 1, 2024. These standards aim to ensure rental properties are safe, secure, and functional, providing clarity for tenants, residents, property managers, and owners regarding their maintenance obligations.

With this new minimum housing standards for rental properties in Queensland, ensure your property meets the standards with a housing inspector like Auspect Building & Pest Consultants to avoid any issues and secure your property is safe and compliant.

What are Minimum Housing Standards?

Minimum housing standards provide clear requirements and maintenance obligations for residential properties rented in Queensland.
These standards ensure that rental properties adhere to the following criteria:

Weatherproof and Structural Soundness

Rental properties must be structurally sound and capable of withstanding weather conditions.

Good Repair and Safety

All fixtures, fittings, and electrical appliances included in the property must be in good repair and not pose a risk of injury during normal use.

Secure Doors and Windows

All external doors and windows must have functioning locks or latches that can be reached without a ladder.

Vermin, Dampness, and Mould

Rental properties must be free from vermin, dampness, and mould. However, this requirement does not apply if the tenant/resident caused these issues.

Privacy and Window Coverings

Rooms, such as bedrooms, must have curtains or window coverings that provide privacy.

Plumbing, Drainage, and Water

Properties must have adequate plumbing and drainage systems suitable for the number of occupants. The property should also be connected to hot and cold water that is safe for drinking.

Functional Bathrooms

Bathroom areas must provide privacy and have functioning and flushable toilets connected to a sewer, septic tank, or other waste disposal system.

Kitchen Facilities

If a kitchen is provided, there must be a functioning cook-top.

Laundry Facilities

If laundry facilities are available, the necessary fixtures should be provided, excluding white goods.


Ensure Your Rental Property Meets the New Minimum Housing Standards QLD – Speak to the Experts at Auspect Building & Pest Consultants

At Auspect, owner and licensed inspector Craig Blood is fully up-to-date with the new legislation. He is dedicated to delivering meticulous inspections and reports to help you ensure your rental property meets the new Minimum Housing Standards.

With over two decades of experience, Craig has the expertise and resources to handle all types of inspection requests. Book now and you’ll have peace of mind of knowing your property meets the new Government legislation. If there are any problems, you will receive an easy to understand report of what repairs or issues need to be resolved.

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