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How often pest control should be done

Have you ever come home to an unwanted guest? Did it leave you questioning how often pest control should be done? If you answered yes to either of these questions, now might be the right time to consult your local pest professional. Pest control experts can eliminate common pests like cockroaches and ants, but eventually…

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Top tips for selecting the best pest control service

Buying a new property can be daunting. Especially if it’s not brand new and you’re unsure of its current condition. This is why it’s so important you book a pest and building inspection BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. Or perhaps you’ve lived in your property for a number of years and you’re concerned…

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Is pest control worth it?

When pests strike within your home, your first instinct is to reach for a can of bug spray or some rodent traps. But unfortunately, looking for a cheap fix doesn’t always work. However, hiring a pest consultant will often save you time, money, and effort in the long run. Let’s walk through the benefits of…

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You’ve purchased your new home – here’s how to keep it in good condition

Once you’ve purchased your new home, it is important to maintain it in a comfortable, safe and secure condition. Here is a simple maintenance guide to help you look after your home. Weekly Regular housecleaning prevents mould, staining and pest infestation and detects dampness which may be a sign of potentially serious problems. Monthly Clean…

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Blocked gutters and downpipes are one of the main defects found during a pre-purchase building inspection and can be costly to repair. Out of sight out of mind, they can be a real problem if left unchecked. They can cause serious damage Blocked gutters are one of the key causes of water leaks to a…

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Should I sell or rent out my property? 5 must-read tips

Buying your first home may be a huge milestone, but chances are you’ll eventually wave goodbye to that two-bedroom apartment or townhouse and move elsewhere. That could be due to a number of reasons, whether it’s needing more space to raise your kids or looking for a change in scenery. Click Here for More

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5 Property Market Myths Busted

Australia’s median property value fell 0.6 per cent in July and is tipped to fall anywhere between a few more percentage points and a whopping 32 per cent.  But according to Aussie Home Loans chief customer officer David Smith, that doesn’t mean prospective buyers should hold off on their purchasing decisions. Click here for More

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Top signs you may need a termite inspection

Protecting your home from termites before they can become destructive, requires a pro-active approach. Termites that have been nesting in your home for years can cause thousands of dollars in damage. But unfortunately, this type of damage is not be covered homeowners’ insurance. So, it’s best to search for termite signs in your home on…

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Why do I need a pre-purchase building inspection?

You don’t want to get caught with a house of horrors and find out later that the house is full of termites or has electrical or structural issues. Our licensed building inspector at Auspect Building & Pest Consultants will make sure your new home has no potentially costly surprises. You can trust us to provide…

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