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Should I Sell or Rent out My Property? 5 Must-Read Tips

Buying your first home may be a huge milestone, but chances are you’ll eventually wave goodbye to that two-bedroom apartment or townhouse and move elsewhere. That could be due to a number of reasons, whether it’s needing more space to raise your kids or looking for a change in scenery. 

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New Australian Homes will Soon Be Required to Meet Green Star Status

Double-glazed windows, air filtration systems and LED lighting are some of the elements new Australian homes will have to feature in order to achieve ‘Green Star certification’.

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New Research Reveals the Future of Australian Homes

Millennials and Gen Z will put sustainability first when living in and building their future homes, according to new research released by Allianz. We can expect young Australians to deconstruct the family home model as we know it: outdoor and indoor living will be combined; an eclectic, new interior decorating style created; and the impact…

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WA Mid West Town Offers Cheap Property Prices to Fight Rural Decline

Fancy buying a block for less than $40,000? What about a five-bedroom, two-bathroom home for less than $190,000? Such properties are available in the Western Australian Midwest rural township of Morawa

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Coronavirus: Why pandemic house prices are leaving some Aussies unhappy

Million-dollar homeowners copped a big hit in real estate during COVID-19, and they are not happy about it. A survey found seller happiness was down 21 percent for Australians who sold property worth more than $1.5 million in April, compared to the first financial quarter of 2020. The figures were recorded by Australian real estate rating and ranking…

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When are Australia’s property prices expected to go up?

A plunge in population growth may delay a rebound in Australian property prices, despite growth in the housing market in the months before the COVID-19 lockdowns. It may take until the second half of 2021 for the property market to see a gradual recovery, property consulting firm m3property predicts, assuming a potential second coronavirus wave…

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Adelaide: Australia’s Second-Cheapest Capital and the East-coasters Buying up Property There

It’s one of Australia’s prettiest capital cities, with great food on offer, wineries a short drive away, a huge investment in infrastructure and no traffic jams.

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With Coronavirus Upending House Prices, Four property Experts Have Their Say on Whether You Should Buy

House prices are just one of the many things upended by the coronavirus pandemic in Australia. Those looking to break into the housing market have been teased with predictions that property prices will drop in the foreseeable future.

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The Impact of Covid-19 on Australia’s Housing Market

As the world faces one of the fastest and largest global economic contractions in living memory, Australia’s house prices are likely to fall for months – possibly years

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