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Why you should use a licensed building inspector for your pre-purchase inspection

If you’re in the process of buying a home, you may be tempted to save money by skipping the pre-purchase inspection. But beware – this could end up costing you dearly in the long run. Read on to see why you should always use a licensed building and pest inspector for your pre-purchase inspection.

A licensed building and pest inspector will identify potential problems

It can be difficult to identify potential problems with a home before making a purchase, so it is often in your best interest to enlist the help of a building and pest inspector. A licensed building and pest inspector will have received proper training and gained considerable experience, allowing them to properly examine a building. When conducted correctly, a pre purchase house inspection will provide you with vital knowledge about any building structure issues or pests that could be present in the property.

A licensed building and pest inspector will provide a detailed report

Using a building and pest inspector to do a pre purchase house inspection can seem daunting, but having the inspector provide a detailed report of their findings is invaluable. This report will include all the deficiencies they are able to observe, helping you make a more informed decision when it comes to negotiations with the seller. Knowing what issues are present and their gravity gives the buyer an advantage by providing negotiation leverage over the seller.

A licensed building and pest inspector is impartial and objective

For prospective home buyers, an unbiased pre purchase house inspection is essential to a successful real estate transaction. A licensed building and pest inspector has no vested interest in the property and will objectively observe and report on any issues that may affect its condition and value, rendering an unbiased opinion of the structure. Only when a building and pest inspector is impartial can you be confident that they have done their due diligence before committing to a real estate purchase.

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection can give you peace of mind

Buying a house is probably the largest financial commitment you’ll ever make, so having a building and pest inspector conduct a pre purchase house inspection can provide you with much-needed peace of mind. With such an important investment, it’s wise to have all the facts before committing. Investing time and money in having a building and pest inspector investigate all aspects of the house, from roof to foundations, gives you an extra layer of security that what you see really is what you’re getting. Knowing that, through the building and pest inspection process, everything was checked off ensures that any surprises don’t cause long-term harm or financial pain for years to come. A thorough pre-purchase inspection will guarantee that your home buying decision is an informed one.

Always use a reputable inspector

While it’s important to do your due diligence and get an independent building and pest inspection to assess the property’s condition, it’s crucial to avoid taking reports from agents or middlemen companies, as they may have a vested interest in hiding potential issues or pushing through a sale. Always opt for a reputable and unbiased inspector to ensure a thorough and fair assessment.

Ready to book in for an inspection with a reputable company?

At Auspect Building and Pest Consultants, our highly qualified building and pest inspectors carry out a thorough inspection of your prospective house or property. As your local, reliable building and pest inspector team, we deliver a detailed report on the condition of your chosen building. Licensed and fully insured, we identify areas that may need maintenance or repairs, enabling you to make a well-informed decision and negotiate the very best price. Give our team a call (07) 56 68 2279 and have them arrange an obligation-free quote today. View our entire service range online.

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