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The Covid-19 Coronavirus is a fast spreading virus that has affected the entire world as a global pandemic. There is currently no cure and the country has acted to contain the spread by asking the population to stay at home and avoid physical contact with others.

While to virus is largely contained at the moment, as the economy opens up the risk of widespread spread of the coronavirus will increase.

People are encouraged to be ever vigilant with personal hygiene and social distancing. Measures such as washing hands regularly, using sanitiser, coughing into elbows and keeping at least 1.5 metres distance are the recommended measures.

As the economy opens up and comes out of lock down and businesses re-open, there is a greater responsibility on business owners, managers and staff to minimise the risk of clients and staff passing on infection.

As the general public and customers start entering public facilities and businesses, the risk of the virus spreading increases. Businesses need to pay greater attention to keeping surfaces clean and protecting people.


Auspect has invested in high grade commercial sanitising equipment to ensure businesses and public spaces are kept free of coronavirus and minimise the risk of transmission.

Cleaning surfaces with disinfectant goes part of the way to kill and contain the virus spreading.

A professional commercial pressure sanitising ensures even greater protection and keeping the welfare of customers and staff protected. This should be done on a regular basis to keep the premises and surfaces coronavirus free, and protect the business from any potential public liability claims from people contracting COVID-19.



A Covid-19 sanitisation should be carried out regularly, either weekly or monthly depending on the amount of people in the premises.

Our professional team of specialists are trained and certified to carry out a full commercial sanitisation and decontamination in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Using the very latest equipment and certified disinfectants, and safe procedures they are able to visit both domestic and commercial premises to provide a thorough sanitising process to kill the coronavirus.

The solutions used are safe for humans but kill the virus on contact within 10 seconds and are also effective against a range of other bacteria, viruses and diseases.

Once the area has been sanitised, the waste is safely disposed of and the equipment cleaned before entering another premises or before any of our team come into contact with other people.

Our Service Covers

  • Cafes, Restaurants, Bars and Hospitality

  • Hotels, Motels and Accommodation Providers

  • Schools, Universities, TAFE's and Education Providers

  • Hospitals, Medical Centres and Health Providers

  • Government Buildings, Councils and Municipal Facilities

  • Rest Homes and Retirement Facilities

  • Funeral Parlours And Chapels

  • Rental Properties at change of tenancy

  • Residential Homes before moving in after purchasing

  • Airports & Travel Terminals and Travel

  • Train Stations, Bus Shelters and Taxi Ranks

  • Shopping Malls, Supermarkets and Chain Stores

  • Local Shops and Businesses

  • Warehouses, Manufacturing and Storage Facilities

  • Churches, Chapels, Mosques, Synagogues and Places of Worship