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Pool Safety News

APSIC proudly supports the highly regarded industry of Pool Safety Inspectors throughout Queensland.

Since the introduction of new pool safety laws to Queensland, and the requirement for a pool safety inspection to be conducted prior to the sale or lease of a property by a licensed Pool Safety Inspector, Queensland has seen a significant reduction in the numbers of drowning deaths in young children.

Please find below a topical news article regarding pool fencing laws in Queensland.

Buyers Beware of Pool Fence Trap

Cairns home buyer stuck with $15,000 bill to make an existing pool fence comply with current pool safety standards

The purchaser knew there was no safety certificate but did not realise how much they might be up for to get one. While the pool complied with the applicable laws when the home was built 20 years ago it did not comply with the new standards. The cost to rectify was in excess of $15,000. A figure which came as a shock to the new owner and one which has caused some significant difficulty for them. SPASA previously sought a change whereby the seller must obtain a safety certificate prior to the sale of the property however based on government policy directives this could not happen.

As a result of the example above the Association has again approached the department seeking a change. The recommendation has been put that the seller engage a PSI to provide advice on what would be required for the pool to comply and that this information then be attached to form 36.

The department was also asked to make it clear on the form that it is the NEW owner who will be responsible for the certificate and compliance within 90 days of settlement and that they WILL incur costs for the inspection and certificate and MAY incur costs to ensure the fence complies and that THEY should determine what those costs might be.

Finally, it was suggested that like a domestic building contract the cost implications should be highlighted on the front page of the form in a conspicuous manner. This matter is still under consideration.

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